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Online, Telehealth via Zoom: Confidential HIPPA Compliant

Who Sh​ould Attend?

Connect2Healing welcomes mental health professionals and students, recovery professionals, educators, lawyers, pastoral counselors, doctors, human resource personnel and management professionals. Connect2Healing provides training and consultation that will enhance your professional and personal functioning.

What Should I Expect when Learning Psychodrama?

Group psychotherapy provides a laboratory for life. It allows us to see how we effect others and how others effect us. Psychodrama gives us many remarkable tools for that laboratory which make the learning much more effective and expedient. In this "lab" we explore our past, present and future world through action.

Psychodrama means psyche in action. Role Theory is an important part of psychodrama's method. This methodology provides a way for us to actively step into old roles to gain knowledge and understanding, explore present roles for clarification and reality testing, and to rehearse new roles for future options of how we would like to behave in our world. These roles may be interpersonal (social roles) or they can be roles that are a part of us (intra psychic) that exist in our psyche or they can be part of our own personal spiritual understanding (trans personal roles).

As a trainee with Connect2Healing you will learn how action increases Spontaneity and Creativity, gives greater energy to a person's words and feelings, dissolves passivity and provides an alternate way of showing a person's inner world.

You will be learning all of this about psychodrama and more as you learn experientially by doing your own psychodramas as well as through taking roles for other group members to help them enact their psychodramas. You will also be learning about Sociometry, which is the measurement of social connections and roles. You will be learning about Sociodrama, which is addresses the collective issues of a group through action (or drama) as opposed to an individual. All the while we will be focusing on the group dynamics and process as a way of teaching group psychotherapy. These are time honored methods that were developed by J. L. Moreno nearly a century ago. They have continued to evolve through the work of his wife, Zerka T. Moreno as well as many talented and creative psychodramatists over the years.

Didactic learning with Connect2Healing is usually woven into our active teaching style. Additionally there is an important processing component to each psychodrama when we discuss the clinical underpinnings of why the action took the path it did. Beginner's minds and advanced questioning minds are always a welcome and integral part of the learning and teaching process. Contact Pamela to arrange training or supervision for you and/or your agency.

Pamela Goffman, LCSW, TEP, CIRT

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