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Clinical Practice

Online, Telehealth via Zoom: Confidential HIPPA Compliant

In relationships we are wounded, and in relationships we are healed.

So many of our dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors come from early attachment issues. When love, safety, validation, and healthy boundaries are inconsistent or nonexistent in childhood, we often form coping skills and beliefs that no longer serve us in adulthood.  If you find yourself overreacting to abandonment fears or anger, for example, this could be a reaction to a core belief.  Another common belief system is feeling misunderstood or unheard. These are a few examples of how early beliefs can unconsciously keep us from living a life with greater ease, compassion and connection. 

  • Individual treatment explores your current life situations as well as your early experiences to help you gain a clearer view of yourself. Increasing self understanding will lead to greater compassion, love and acceptance. The goal is to heal wounded beliefs and create healthy beliefs.
  • Couples therapy requires us to recognize our own defenses so we can be in a place of safety. Once self awareness and safety are established, we can relax our defenses enough to be available to truly hear our partner. Using a blend of experiential techniques and Imago Relationship Therapy we work together to find the vulnerable and loving space between and around our sacred connections.
  • Group therapy offers a powerful venue to explore new roles, have many mirrors, and examine our own functioning with others. This reflects how we have learned to take roles in our family, work place, etc. Here we have the opportunity to change and expand the roles we play in a group. As a trainer and practitioner of Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, my groups are experiential and dynamic in nature. The "here and now" nature of Psychodrama gives us the opportunity to practice roles not just cognitively, but emotionally and spiritually, as well.
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